Natalya Kravchenko

Joining Paul’s CAE course in December 2017 was definitely one of the most significant events of the year for me!
Why did I join it? I am a teacher of English and a mother of two kids. More and more often I had a feeling that I was degrading and soon would speak no better than my pre-intermediate students.
What did I want? I felt I needed motivation (probably some «magic kick») for further development. I desperately needed speaking practice with a native as well as with advanced students of English.
What did I get? Far more than I had expected! I finally found the motivation to read dozens of articles from British magazines and watch and listen hours of British videos and podcasts. I also learnt some invaluable techniques for passing international exams and use many of them in lessons with my students. Thanks to Paul’s explanations many advanced grammar points have finally become clear to me. And, last but not least, I met some fantastic teachers of English who are, like me, concerned with their professional development.
Thank you, Paul, for the excellent course!

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