Nadya Alyabyeva

If you ask me what I think about Newson’s Language Centre, I would definitely say it’s one of the most hospitable places, one of the most distinguished schools and one of the most exciting experiences. I’d like to share my story, which started last summer when I took up teaching English to a few colleagues of mine and one day came across Paul’s videos while searching for some teaching ideas. I was pretty amazed by the simplicity, logic and structure of his explanations and topnotch English. On top of that, it was all flavoured with his personal charisma and positive energy. This is how I happened to know Paul and his school and eventually applied for nine months CAE course from August 2017. I still remember perfectly well our first class, when we were introduced to the hell on Earth, which seemed like a sheer joke at first, but grew into a real scary monster. The hardest bit of it for me was that we had to converse in English for almost two hours, and it was truly a mentally and emotionally draining challenge, given that I hadn’t spoken English for quite a long time prior to that. It was right after this first class when I realised I’d have to work hard if I want an A in the exam. And Paul made us do our best – under his professional guidance not only did we practice all the skills required for the exam, but we also had a lively conversation about everyday issues, shared the peculiarities of Russian and British mentality and of course laughed a lot, as it’s an indispensable ingredient of Paul’s teaching style. One thing I’m proud most after this course, apart from an overall score A in the exam), is that somehow a flair for writing got uncovered in me, so that I started writing essays not only on excess plastic use and banning cars from city centre), but also on philosophy, religion and human relations. So, I’m honoured to meet Paul, to study in NLC School and to go through this awesome experience.

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