Людмила Король

When I once came across Paul’s page in vk.com and binge-watched some of his videos , it dawned on me, it was my dream teacher-enthusiastic, charismatic, and professional. The only problem of Paul is that it seems impossible to clone him, so that more students could improve their language skills with Paul. In that sense, such format as a mass learning online CAE marathon seems like a way out. But this marathon is not only about drilling tons of Grammar and Vocabulary activities. We also get his lectures daily with all the strategies and tips, needed for successful CAE pass, thoroughly explained. The lectures links are at your convenience whenever you have some free time on hands to watch them. Even the most boring tasks, explained by Paul, blow you away like an action Hollywood movie, not only because they are fun but also full of useful content, which you’re unlikely to find in any coursebook. Not a single second is a waste of time.Any questions occurred could be asked freely, and are usually answered by Paul during weekly live streams. I also find speaking practice extremely inspiring, uplifting, and joyful. What I like most, is that positive spirit of Paul makes you believe in your success! He politely points out at the advantages and drawbacks of each participant during the practice.
The only disappointing thing is that all good things come to an end, so does the marathon.we are half done by now, but we’re already pretty sure we can do really well in the exam and with his helping hand, pass CAE with flying colours!

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