Darya Pestova

Well, to put it in a nutshell, when I started preparing for the exam, I found myself being swamped with loads of indigestible info. Fortunately, it was Paul 👍💪 who managed to boost significantly not only my productivity, but also my self-confidence. His creativity, professionalism and clarity of explanation ( I’m likely to remember forever that poor little hamster and😰 kassa-babka😡) unlocked the students’ imagination. Similarly, being ready to support 24/7, Olga did her utmost to make this CAE course a success.🌷 As a result of mutual effort, now I have precise details and logical scheme of what I should do in the exam to pass it with flying colours. 🎉

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Почему одни люди учат язык 14 лет, но не говорят, а наши студенты начинают говорить за 1 месяц по методу ESL?

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