Alexandra (Fragile) Voronkova

The course was very informative and really helpful. Paul is one of very few natives who puts his heart and soul into teaching. He was very motivating, supportive and inspiring and guided us through all the difficulties. So did group administrator, who was available 24/7 and dealt with any technical problems. The course was very well planned and structured and one of the main advantages was an opportunity to get detailed feedback from professional. Also, Paul shared some exam strategies and tactics that really work and you can’t find any book which suggests them. The main difficulty for me was working with Test Pad, cause I’m more used to paper stuff. I wouldn’t change anything except maybe adding a bit more context, I think it would be a good idea to base each week on a particular topic and tasks related to it. But in general, the format of the course was very suitable for me and fulfilled my expectations. Want to thank everyone who was involved.

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